We have performed a system upgrade for both Mobile Banking and FirstCU Online. The update gives you even more convenience and safety for managing your accounts. The new FirstCU Online account access and all of the upgraded features will be fully supported on most browsers, including computer, tablet, and mobile device browsers.

Your existing username and password will continue to work in the new site. However, you will be required to setup 2 factor authentication. You will provide a phone number where you can be given a code either by text or voice which you will then enter into your browser. This features helps keep your account secure and will take the place of the security questions that you currently use.

Be sure to choose "Don't ask for codes again on this computer" when you are on your personal (not public) device so that you will only need to complete the 2 factor authentication one time per device/browser.

The new FirstCU Online will also provide better and more timely notifications and alerts. You will need to setup alerts in the new system to continue to receive them.