ATM Access

First Service members have access to over 1,500 Free ATMs Nationwide!*

  • Free ATMs are located at all First Service Branch Locations (click here).
  • Surcharge fees are waived at MoneyPass ATMs across the nation. Look for the MoneyPass logo on these machines or click on MoneyPass.com to search for surcharge-free ATMs by zip code or location nationwide. (Network fees will be charged for MoneyPass ATMs that are not on the JEANIE network.)
  • Surcharge fees are waived at participating credit union Alliance One ATMs. Network fees will be charged for Alliance One ATMs that are not on the JEANIE network. Click here to find an Alliance One ATM near you!

FEE NOTICE: If you are presented with a screen that asks you to accept a Surcharge Fee and you agree, you are liable for that fee. Some ATMs are branded by a bank but not owned by that bank.

Surcharge fees are charged by and collected by the bank owning the machine, not First Service. Network fees may apply to First Service transactions. Network fees appear on your statement.

*Some restrictions may apply to ATM and Debit usage for Starter, Student and Classic Checking plans.