ATM/Debit Cards

First Service Debit Card -The card that works like a check!

You’ll find many ways to enjoy the convenience of your Debit Card. Use it at ATMs, the gas pump, when paying for merchandise or dining out - anywhere VISA credit cards are accepted.

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Make purchases anywhere debit cards are accepted.
  • Avoid time-consuming check approvals.
  • Track spending online at FirstCU Online, First Service FCU Mobile, or your monthly statement.
  • Receive cash back above the purchase amount.
  • Make cash withdrawals and deposits, just like with your ATM card.
  • Pay for purchases by mail, phone, or online.

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Card Convenience: As you travel, please update your cell number with your credit union. To protect your account, we monitor unusual ATM, debit and credit card usage for possible fraudulent activity. We may need to contact you regarding certain activities regarding your account, such as a sudden change in location or an unusual string of purchases from your normal pattern use. If we need to reach you, we will not ask for your card or account number, but may ask you to verify a specific transaction.

If you will be traveling in the United States for an extended period of time, contact us prior to your departure. We will note your account to make our monitoring more flexible during your travel time.  Card access is limited outside of the United States.  If you will be traveling to a foreign country, please call Card Services at 614-836-0100 for further information.

24-hour lost card phone support – 1-866-632-8028

First Service Checking Account required for issue. Standard ATM transaction fees apply. ATM Card: $500 daily cash limit for ATM withdrawal. Debit Card:  $500 daily cash limit for ATM withdrawal and $1500 daily cash limit for merchant withdrawal.  How to increase your daily limit: The daily limit is to help lower the potential loss due to fraud.  The daily limit can temporarily (typically for one day) be increased per member request.  The request must be made in writing and signed by the card owner.  A second option for card owners is to submit a Secure Message through your FirstCU Online Account Access.  This message should indicate the card number and the amount of the increase (no more than $5,000) and the date the increase is needed.

Your Debit Card and the Right to Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

Many First Service members have always made the choice to process purchases as credit transactions.  Now, some retailers have taken away the choice from consumers with debit cards by eliminating the “credit” option as a payment method. 
If a retailer does not permit you to select “credit” at the sale terminal, you have the following options:

•    Complete the transaction and pay a nominal 50 cent fee
•    Cancel out of transaction and pay with a First Service VISA Credit Card
•    Cancel out of the transaction and pay with a check or cash

If a retailer tells you that you no longer have an option on how to pay for your transaction – we encourage you to call or write your retailer.  Be sure to explain that you want a choice on your preferred payment method when shopping at their store. 

What is it? A chip card is a payment card featuring an embedded chip that offers enhanced security. 
How does chip technology protect me? When you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, it generates a one-time use code that is virtually impossible to counterfeit. 
How do I use my chip card? At a chip-enabled terminal, you insert your card and follow the prompts. Your card still has a magnetic stripe that can be swiped at terminals that are not yet chip enabled. 
What about online purchases? You will follow the same process you do today for online purchases. 
Can I use my chip card outside the U.S.? Yes, chip cards are widely used internationally. Still notify us prior to your travel. 
For more information on EMV chip cards, call 614-836-0100.