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It's Smart to Belong to a Credit Union!

Everyone likes to save money! Many consumers today are searching for an alternative to banks which typically provide their services at higher rates and fees than do credit unions. When you establish a relationship with your credit union, you can take advantage of money-saving benefits for your everyday financial needs with a lending source for your auto or home loan.

Credit unions give you a stake in the company.

When you belong to a credit union, you're not just a "customer" like you are at a bank. You're a member and have a share of ownership in your credit union. Members elect a volunteer Board of Directors to represent their interest. The World Council of Credit Unions defines credit unions as "member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperatives." So not only is your money invested in your credit union, but you are too.

Credit Unions can offer better rates and lower (or no) fees.

Typically, credit unions offer the same basic financial services as banks, such as savings, checking, and loans. What sets credit unions apart is that, unlike banks, they aren't issuing stock or paying dividends to stockholders. Earnings are returned to members in the form of lower loan rates, higher dividends on savings and low (or no) fees and charges for everyday financial services. Using your credit union can put more money in your pocket!

Your credit union is just a better deal!

First Service Federal Credit Union helps to save people money! We offer our members quality financial services and products at a lesser cost. First Service offers comparable services to banks, plus returns its profits to members, providing more dividends, better loan rates, and lower service fees. It's time that you belong to First Service and take advantage of all the services your credit union has to offer . . . it's just a better deal for you!

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