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Are you struggling to get support for your merchant processing device or account?  Do you have questions that need answers?  

We’ve got you covered!

Our knowledgeable merchant service support team provides quick and personalized assistance to help with equipment, account, reporting, transaction, or funding questions.

Reach out to us today to discover how we can assist you.

Pick A Solution That Works For You.
• Mobile, terminal, tablet, and POS solutions
• Wireless, 4G/LTE, hotspot
• ACH, credit, debit, gift card, QR code, Tap to Pay,
EMV, NFC, contactless payment
Receive A Knowledgeable Service Team That Assists You.
• Personalized service
• Quick response time
• Trainings available
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For more information contact or call our Branch Operations Manager, Noah Snyder at (614) 920-6306.

Enjoy up to $500 extra cash in your pocket this summer when you refinance your auto loan from another lender to First Service, PLUS the added benefit of 90 days to your first payment.

Quick and Easy
Cash Back on Your Car
  • 1% Cash Back Up to $500 on the balance financed
  • Fixed Rate as low as 6.24%
  • 6.40% APR
  • Repayment Terms to 72 Months
  • 90 Days to First Payment
  • Discounted Processing Fee of $99 with FirstChoice VIP Checking  
Other rates and terms may also be available depending on credit qualifications and collateral. Offer does not apply to loans already financed by First Service. This offer may be changed or discontinued at any time.
 All loans on approved credit with qualified collateral. Rates may vary according to credit qualifications. No other discounts apply. $124 loan processing fee reduced to $99 with FirstChoice Checking. Auto loan payment example for a loan of $20,099 including discounted processing fee, based on a credit score of 710 or higher with a fixed rate of 6.24% and term of 72 months, would have a 6.40% APR and monthly payments of $338.85 with total payments of $24,396.96. Earn $10 per $1,000 cash back up to a maximum of $500 on the balance financed. Interest will accrue during the 90 days of deferred payments. Deferred payments may not exceed 90 days. $25.00 minimum to open FirstChoice VIP Checking. Federally Insured by NCUA.

YOU will EARN 2% CU REWARDS this summer when you use your Visa Platinum rewards card for EVERYDAY PURCHASES at home and on vacation!

Earn unlimited points to redeem for travel and merchandise plus these benefits:



There's no limit on the points you can accumulate.  Redeem points for your choice of rewards from the CU Rewards Mall(Opens in a new Window)
-----OR -----
Take advantage of the Points 2 Cash Program *

* Points 2 Cash:  Earn 2% cash back rewards on purchases with a Visa Platinum Rewards Card. Minimum to receive reward is 5,000 points which would convert to $100 (2%) and can be deposited to a member's First Service Share Savings or Checking Account, or as a payment toward member's First Service VISA account. Receive 2 points for every $1 spent with First Service's Visa Platinum Rewards Card. 2% cash back rewards points can be redeemed in 5,000 increments once per month (12 times per year). Account must be in good standing at time of payout. Cash back offer subject to change without notice.

FirstCU Online Users - You will find a Credit Card tab conveniently located in FirstCU Online for transaction information, rewards points and the Rewards Shopping Mall.
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Members can save everyday on a variety of products and services with Love My Credit Union Rewards. Your First Service membership saves you money through exclusive member-only offers such as:
  • Saving on Turbo Tax and H&R Block tax assistance
  • Savings on mobile offerings with Spectrum and Xfinity
  • Savings on home security, travel, entertainment, amusement parks and much more
  • Find more savings when you click the link below to Love My Credit Union Rewards
payoff your Mortgage in only 10 years with this special offer from first service!
If your dream is being mortgage free, it's time to refinance and payoff your mortgage in only 10 years with a fixed rate as low as 5.25% and only $825 in closing costs.  Financing is available for balances from $20,000 to $100,000 with no application fee for this special offer. see the chart below for additional information.

If You Owe:












Monthly Payment (Principal & Interest Only)




Closing Costs:




Let's get started!
Apply at any office or online at  We will be glad to answer your questions by calling Loan Services at 614/836-0100.
     We Do Business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Low and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. 

10-Year Streamline Mortgage: Credit approval required. Offer subject to change or termination at any time. No other discounts apply. Disclosed closing cost and calculated APR does not include prepaid interest. Owner occupied property. Minimum loan amount $20,000 with maximum loan amount $100,000. Loan to value no greater than 70%. Approximate payment includes principal and interest only.  Escrow servicing unavailable. Prepaid interest at the time of closing may change APR. Property insurance required.

Leavitt Group logo Nationwide is on your side logo

Get your free quote for auto insurance from Leavitt Group Midwest—Smith, Molino & Sichko .  Mention you are a First Service member to receive a special discounted rate. 

Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Not all Nationwide affiliated companies are mutual companies, and not all Nationwide members are insured by a mutual company.
Enjoy a great vacation this summer with a Vacation Loan up to $3,000 to add to your summer fun and up to 45 days to your first payment. 

Have more fun this summer  -
  • Vacation Loans Up To $3,000
  • Low Fixed Rate 9.99%
  • 13.91% APR
  • 45 days to first payment
  • 24 Month Repayment Term

    All loans on approved credit. Terms may be changed or withdrawn at any time.  Payment example based on a 710 credit score or higher: $3,124 loan including the standard processing fee at 9.99% rate with 24 months repayment term would have a 13.91% APR and monthly payments of $144.74 with total payments of $3,473.53.  Lesser payments are available for lower loan amounts.
Special Travel and Destination Discounts
Are Available to Members with FirstChoice VIP and Platinum Checking
Check out the 5 Most Popular Beaches by Attendance in the USA 
#1 Huntington Beach with 19 mil annual visitors
#2 Panama City Beach  #3 St. Petersburg Beach  #4 Myrtle Beach  #5 Rehoboth Beach
Card Security Reminder - Our debit and credit cards have security monitoring for your account protection.  As you are making vacation plans, remember to let us know when and where you will be going so we can authorize use of your cards wherever your travels take you. 
Stay Safe!  Help us keep your cards safe by using the 1stCU Visa App.  In addition to transaction and balance information, you will receive a transaction notification with this free app when your card is used, which gives you the added safety of turning your card off if you suspect fraudulent account activity or if your card is lost or stolen.

Add Value to your Home with Summer Improvements
  It's time to get your home projects completed. We make it easy to apply for a Home Improvement Loan built for you with no application fee and low monthly payments.

Add A Deck - Replace Windows - Improve Landscaping - Finish Repairs
- Up to $10,000 Available
-Fixed Rate
- 10 Year Repayment Terms
- Low Monthly Payment 
- No Application Fee

8.99% Rate ● 9.28% APR ● 10 Year Term

Payment example based on a 660 credit score:  a loan of $10,124 including the standard processing fee and repayment terms of 120 months, would have estimated payments of $128.81 monthly with total payments of $15,456.21.

Available for owner-occupied, single-family homes, townhouses, and qualifying condos with a contractor’s invoice or material list /receipts for work done.  Refinance opportunities are available to pay off financing by another lender for home improvement work completed within the last six months with proof of prior financing.

Up to two borrowers are allowed to qualify for this loan, both must be on the title and occupy the property.

Home Equity Loans Are Also Available for Larger Projects!

Apply in any Branch Office or Online
Call (614) 836-0100 for More Information

All loans on approved credit with qualified real estate and income verification.  We suggest you consult your tax advisor about the deductibility of home loan interest.  Property insurance required.  Plans, rates and terms may be changed or withdrawn at any time.  We Do Business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.  NMLS #412995

It's that time of year when school expenses can cut into your budget for clothes, shoes, books, and more. We are glad to offer a Back-to-School loan special with payment terms up to 12-months so you can take advantage of back-to-school shopping savings to get your school year started. 

Back-to-School Special
$2,500 max loan amount
6.49% rate
13.29% APR
$99 reduced processing fee
12-month repayment term

We make it easy. 
Apply today by clicking "Apply For A Loan" in the right-hand column, in person at any branch or by phone at 614-836-0100!

All loans on approved credit. Terms may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Payment example based on a 710 credit score or higher: a loan of $2,599 including the processing fee at a rate of 6.49% with a 13.29% APR and 12 month repayment term would have an estimated monthly payment of $224.90 with total payments of $2,698.74. Other payments on lesser loan amounts are available.

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Checking Plus

Lower your bills with Checking Plus!