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Make a Statement... Go Paperless!

When you sign up for free e-Statements - you are making a bold statement in an effort to positively impact the environment. Why? It's really simple - we will use less paper - which helps to save trees.

In addition to the environmental benefits, if you're signed up for e-Statements, you can conveniently access your statement online on the first day of every month.

Here are some additional reasons to choose e-Statements:

  • Access 12 months of statements through FirstCU Online at any time from your computer
  • Eliminate the paper clutter of storing old statements
  • Receiving your statement online is actually safer than mail, since it reduces the threat of stolen statements from unsecured mailboxes.

It's Easy to Sign Up!

Just sign onto your account through FirstCU Online and click on the e-Statements tab to enroll.

To view your e-Statements, log onto your account through FirstCU Online.  

First Service VISA e-Statements are found behind the Credit Card tab and on the 1stCU Visa app.

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Checking Plus

Lower your bills with Checking Plus!