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Dollar Dog Kids Club

Dollar Dog Kids Club is a special youth savings to help kids learn to save and manage money by developing good savings habits from an early age.   It's a perfect way to teach kids 12 and younger the value of saving money on a regular basis.  Dollar Dog Accounts can be opened with as little as $5.00 and earn dividends from $5.  For each deposit made to a Dollar Dog Account, children select a gift from Dollar Dog's Treasure Chest.

Dollar Dog Club Accounts automatically convert to Youth Savings Accounts at age 12.

Visit the Dollar Dog Kids Online Clubhouse!

You'll find lots of games, fun, and opportunities for learning at the Clubhouse!

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The Dollar Dog Kids Club is for our youngest savers from birth to age 12. No other services are associated with these accounts since they are intended to establish a lifetime savings pattern.

Dollar Dog and Youth Accounts require a joint account with an adult signer and acceptable identification.

This CREDIT UNION IS FEDERALLY INSURED BY THE NATIONAL CREDIT UNION ADMINISTRATION. To check out the National Credit Union Administration's site for financial education just click here:

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