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  • View or print copies of cleared checks
  • Pay bills with free BillPayer
  • Update your personal information
  • Online check ordering
  • Online Stop Payments
  • Personalized Account Titles
  • Multi-factor security
  • View or print e-Statements for free
  • Review your account balances
  • Download account information into Excel
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Set up e-alerts notifications
  • View or print a current account history

Secure Tip: You will use your User ID to access FirstCU Online each time you visit along with your Password, so select a name and password that you will easily remember, but difficult for others to guess. Your Image and PassPhrase will appear to confirm that you are at the official First Service Online web site. Once you recognize your Image and PassPhrase, you are safe to enter your Password. Your Password and your User ID are what we verify to identify you. For the security of your account, these should not be shared with anyone. Multi-Factor Security may also prompt questions for you to answer prior to allowing you access to your account. This is in place to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Multi-Factor Security: Multi-Factor Security provides more security for your online account by matching information that we have for you with information that you have or enter. If you use a different computer to sign-in to your account from your last visit, or for a variety of other reasons, you may be asked to verify security questions to protect your account. However, every time that you visit FirstCU Online to access your account, your personal Image and PassPhrase should be displayed. If you do not see the Image and PassPhrase that you selected, then Do Not enter your Password. Instead, contact us for assistance at (614) 836-0100.

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We encourage all members to monitor their accounts regularly and to advise us immediately if they have transactions that are not their activity.