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Overdraft Privilege

Your Best Defense Against Overdraft.

Your best defense against paying overdraft fees on your Checking Account is to track your checking balance, the deposits you make, the checks you write, your electronic transactions and spending habits carefully. Keep track of how much money you have in your checking account by keeping your check register up-to-date. 

Record all checks when you write them and other transactions, such as ATM withdrawals, as you make them - remembering to subtract any fees. Your checks are processed in the order in which they are received by the credit union, not necessarily in the order in which they occurred, so you need to keep a current up-to-date balance to avoid, or reduce, overdraft fees that you could incur.

First Service provides free transaction and account balance access at FirstConnect, FirstCU Online, and First Service FCU Mobile. Free e-Alerts are also available to warn you when your balance is at your pre-determined level and to alert you when your account funds are low.

Your Most Economical Overdraft Protection.

Your next ... and most economical defense against overdraft is an automatic transfer from your Share Savings Account to your Checking Account. When you overdraft your Checking Account, funds available will be automatically transferred from your Savings Account to cover insufficient funds. A $3 transaction charge applies for each automatic transfer provided to cover an overdraft. (Regulation D will only allow up to 6 withdrawals including transfers from a savings account per month; an excessive withdrawal fee would apply to any transfers over this limit.)

Your Next Defense is FirstReserve.

A FirstReserve can be established as your personal line-of-credit to provide overdraft coverage. There is no transfer fee to cover an overdraft from your available FirstReserve personal credit line.  Call (614) 836-0100 for more information and to apply for your personal credit line.

We Have You Covered.

Occasionally life events prevent you from making a deposit or balancing your checkbook as often as you should.  When such an oversight involves your money, though, it can be a costly mistake leading to denied authorizations and returned items that will result in merchant fees or charges. 

Consider your backup line of defense against overdraft for unexpected coverage - Overdraft Privilege PayOverdraft Privilege Pay provides peace of mind when you are low on funds. With Overdraft Privilege Pay, you avoid merchant fees from returned checks or the inconvenience of having an important debit card transaction declined.

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